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Member Highlight

NextGen Rochester Member Highlight:  Amy Button

My name is Amy Button and I joined NextGen Rochester in the fall of 2014 following a recommendation from a friend.  After spending a few months on board as a member, I became so invested in the mission and vision of the group that I took a leadership role on the Advisory Board, and I…

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NextGen Rochester Member Highlight: Zach Armstrong

“My biggest factor in joining NextGen Rochester was that I wanted to get involved in the community, but in doing so, feel like I was having a meaningful impact.” ​My name is Zach Armstrong and I joinedNextGen in early 2016.  I am a member of the Marketing Committee and work to help better spread our…

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NextGen Rochester Member Highlight: Tim Reetz

My name is Tim Reetz, and I am an advisory board member and have been a part of NextGen Rochester since 2010.  Being raised in Penfield, I’ve chosen to live here because of my family, friends and relatives.  Despite the city’s ongoing challenges with poverty, crime and employment opportunities, choosing to live in Rochester made…

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NextGen Rochester Member Highlight: Andrew Brady

Andrew grew up in Irondequoit but between college and his first job, was out of town for 6 years before returning in 2012.  When he moved back, he knew he wanted to get involved in the community and wanted to be able to meet like-minded peers who were as passionate about Rochester as he was.  Andrew joined NextGen without knowing…

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NextGen Member Highlight: Kayleigh Stampfler

Kayleigh came to Rochester in 2004 to attend the University of Rochester and decided it was a great place to grow some roots and make a difference in the world. She graduated UR with a Bachelor of History in 2008 and Brockport in 2013 with a Master of Public Administration. She currently works at the…

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NextGen Member Highlight:  Mary Steblein

My name is Mary Steblein, and I joined NextGen in 2011. I’ve been a member of the Advisory Committee since June 2014 and I actively participated on the Grants Committee in 2014 and 2015. To be honest, the biggest factor that led me to join NextGen was Claudia Burcke. If she hadn’t mentioned it to me several times, and strongly encouraged…

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