Top 5 Reasons to join NextGen Rochester

July 29, 2016

NextGen Rochester is a giving circle that is run through the Rochester Area Community Foundation.  What this means is that with our group, other like-minded individuals are coming together and pooling their donations (your membership dues) in to a fund that we use to fulfill grant requests coming from Rochester area nonprofits each year; ensuring that every dollar you donate is backed by others to maximize our impact on the community. 

With that said, here are the Top 5 reasons to join us as we move forward in building our communities and helping to change the philanthropic landscape of Rochester!

  1. The power to make educated and informed decisions on where your charitable dollars go each year: Members recieve voting rights at our annual meeting (November) where we come together as a group to listen to presentations from local nonprofits seeking support from our fund, and vote on the impact you think we would make on their programs, providing support to the top choices.

  2. Flexibility in your involvement: For those looking for leadership oppportunities, we welcome your involvement in one of our many committees (Marketing, Membership, Endowments, Grants, etc) or on our Advisory Board.  If you are seeking less of a time committement, we offer a variety of networking events (below), and of course some of our members choose only to come to our Annual Meeting.  Whatever your involvement, you rest assured knowing your donations are being used in the most effective way possible in our community!

  3. Tiered Dues Structure: Members can choose how much they want to give each year, without sacrificing benefits of Membership.  Yearly member dues are available in the levels* noted below.  

    • Member $100-
    • Investor $250-499 
    • Champion $500-999 
    • Activist $1,000+
  4. Networking! We offer 2 Open Houses per year (Winter and Summer) and a variety of other opportunities to engage with members and community leaders at breakfasts, lunch & learns, and events!

  5. Education Sessions & Volunteer Opportunities: Philanthropy is more than writing a check.  NextGen offers the opportunity for our members to not only dive deeper in to issues facing the community through our education sessions, but we also give them the opportunity to give back and act on what we’ve learned in at volunteer events.  Each month our members enjoy one of the following: 
  • Education sessions: Field trips to local nonprofits to learn more about what they offer the community, and how we can help them. Read about a recent Education Session.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Regular opportunities to get together with other members and provide a few hours of volunteer service to organizations in the city.  Last month we made dinner at the Ronald McDonald House, and in August we will celebrate the birthdays of children at Volunteers of America through their Brightening Birthdays program.

Interested in joining? We are here to help!  You can confirm your membership and secure your voting rights at our upcoming annual meeting in November by sending a check (please send it with this PDF) or by paying your dues online.  Full payment of dues is due by August 31st to have voting rights in November, but after that you are welcome to make monthly or quarterly payments to continue your involvement.  

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