About NextGen Rochester

Creating transformational leaders by connecting young professionals to community philanthropy. 

Peer-Led Philanthropy

We are the next generation of citizens who make “giving back” part of our lives through leadership, friendship, and philanthropy.

Our group is comprised of a cross section of the community (typically ages 21-45) who find value in grantmaking to local charitable causes and addressing community needs. It is the intention of NextGen Rochester to not only build assets, but also compassion, knowledge, and community engagement.

Each NextGen Rochester member contributes to a fund that awards grants to nonprofits selected by the members. By pooling our donations together, emerging leaders are given a seat of influence in greater Rochester and are able to create an impact far greater than each of us could individually.

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Donate. Decide. Make a Difference. Your money will have a greater impact through our YP giving circle - demonstrating the exponential power of working together to build a stronger community!

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