NextGen Rochester Member Highlight: Zach Armstrong

July 18, 2016


“My biggest factor in joining NextGen Rochester was that I wanted to get involved in the community, but in doing so, feel like I was having a meaningful impact.”


​My name is Zach Armstrong and I joinedNextGen in early 2016.  I am a member of the Marketing Committee and work to help better spread our message as a group.  My biggest factor in joining NextGen was that I wanted to get involved in the community, but in doing so, feel like I was having a meaningful impact.  Being a Financial Advisor, I was familiar with the work that The Rochester Community Foundation does and wanted to try to find a way to become more involved.  After meeting with a few of the members, I felt good knowing my donation and the group donations were used in a meaningful way.  What I mean by that is that our pooled donations often times represent a significant portion of the total grant an organization is seeking.  It felt more like our donations could play a large part in helping to achieve the goals of various non-profit organizations instead of just a drop in the bucket.

Along with the chance to meet many like-minded individuals and make some good friends along the way, I was convinced that NextGen was something that I wanted to be a part of and I am very happy to be a member.

About Zach Armstrong
I am a licensed Financial Advisor and a Financial Planner at Sage Rutty and Company.  Our Company seeks to create and preserve wealth for generations as we have been serving the Rochester Community for 101 years.  I work with people of all ages, pre and post retirement, on numerous financial issues including investing their money, insurance needs planning, planning for college, and retirement planning.  My work with some clients in regards to charitable giving led me to The Rochester Community Foundation and their Donor Advised Funds.  Since joining NextGen it has been a great fit for me to expand my nonprofit experience beyond just the world of finance.

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