NextGen Rochester Member Highlight: Tim Reetz

July 11, 2016



My name is Tim Reetz, and I am an advisory board member and have been a part of NextGen Rochester since 2010.  Being raised in Penfield, I’ve chosen to live here because of my family, friends and relatives.  Despite the city’s ongoing challenges with poverty, crime and employment opportunities, choosing to live in Rochester made me realize joining NextGen is one way to make the community a better place.  My previous non-profit experience had been limited to sorting items at Foodlink – and joining NextGen greatly improved me view into the world of non-profits in our area.

Since joining, NextGen has taught me more about Rochester’s nonprofit charities and their goals, such as eradicating poverty, promoting of the arts and improving educational opportunities.  I appreciate that the group is coordinated by specific guidelines and protocols, as well as polling its members on the areas to focus their philanthropy.  Our donations are tax deductible and given directly to programs by majority vote, after a thorough review of how they will benefit from our assistance.

As I’ve grown older, NextGen Rochester has given me the rewarding opportunity to meet people, like and unlike myself, as other friends have moved away or started families.  Since members work in many different professions, being in NextGen Rochester has helped expand my networking contacts and learn about other careers and ideas in and around the Rochester area.

In 2016, I am looking forward to helping recruit new members and pursue building our endowment.  With our optimism, time and financial resources, each NextGen member makes a difference by collectively giving together than the results we could provide individually.   NextGen Rochester represents the future generation of our city and shows others that we want to improve our city’s quality of life.

I work as an Accountant for Regional Transit Service and enjoy competitive running.

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